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Luonnoksia pöydistä

A table made from solid wood is beautiful and ages well. In the long run the surface can always be sanded and finished anew, and the table is again like when made in the first place. Thin veneered surfaces found on most ready-made tables can`t be fixed, if there`s any deeper dents etc.


Think and measure the table size in the actual space it is coming to. A good space for one person is 60cm, although on long tables a little less will suffice. Tabletop doesn’t always have to be square!

We have designs that can be tailored to most needs, but we can also design a table from scratch, if needed.

We have samples of different materials on our workshop, and we can also loan them to check at home.

When the final design, material and size are agreed upon, we can give an offer on the cost and tell the possible delivery time. Delivery is included in Helsinki area, as is a maintenance instruction and 10 year quarantee for joints and structures.

Call or e-mail us and come to visit!

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